License in Media Composer

I think I’ve seen this before. When I went to activate my license for Mocha Pro in Media Composer, the license window comes up. But if the windows are arranged to obscure that window, you can’t bring it to the front. I have to close the window with the red dot, arrange the windows differently, then try again. Not the biggest error, but annoying. Should this also be reported to the Avid beta forum?

Here is a video that illustrates the problem.

Harry Miller
macOS Mojave 10.14.6
Mac mini (2018)
3.2 mGHz Intel Core i732 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

Avid Media Composer MC_21.9.0.55435_Mac
BCC beta 1

Can you alt+tab into the window? Also, I will let @martinb know and we can look into it.

No, that doesn’t do anything.


This seems to be a Mac-specific problem. The best workaround is to use the Application Manager instead of the licensing option in the Mocha GUI.

We have a defect flagged for this problem.