License is not activated in continuum

License is not activated in continuum
after effects launch
continuum disabled
Activation success popup display
But here I get a message that it is not enabled (see attached image)

after effect latest version
continuum 2021

after effects restart

Delete disk cache

uninstall continuum
Reinstall and activate

If there is a hero who can solve my problem, please comment.

Sapphire does not have this problem
continuum only

Hi there.

Sorry to hear that you’re having license trouble. Have you tried restarting the system to see if this helps? If not I’d suggest doing so. If that doesn’t help the next step should be to reset the Continuum license via your account on the BorisFX website. Can you try that? And if that doesn’t help, then I’ll need you to generate a support ticket so that a tech can assist you with this.


Peter McAuley
Thank you for your reply
Resetting did not fix the problem.

Just to be sure,
If my support has expired, I can’t open a support ticket, can I?

Can you double check which version of Continuum your license goes with based on your original purchase? E.g. if your license was for Continuum 2020 or 2021 then you might need to use an earlier version than the 2021.5 version you have installed.

hello jclement
After installing Leader2020.5ver, the problem was solved.

thank you.

your advice is very good

you quickly solved my problem
like a hero

one last time
thank you from the bottom of my heart

Glad to hear you’re up and running again!