License reverting to trial mode - Boris won't help

I am having issues with Continuum in Avid on my iMac. I was using it perfectly fine, and then out of nowhere it started saying “This Boris FX product is in trial mode…” I didn’t even quit the project, it was working and then just stopped. I checked the registration info and it says my serial number is valid. Then when I click activate it says the activation has failed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling both Avid and BCC. I have actually had this happen multiple times. And in the past, someone at Boris would help me troubleshoot by either sending me an unlock code, or sending me a new license file. I tried using the previous unlock code and license file they sent me, but those didn’t work. So I reached out again and they are now telling me that they cannot do this and that I will need to purchase a new license for them to help me. Has anyone had this issue before and know how to fix it? Why would they help me last time but now they won’t? I purchased this product so don’t understand why I can’t use it at all. And the only way for someone to help me with the issue, is to buy a completely new license.

I am on Mac 10.13.6. Using Media Composer 2018.12.12. My Boris Continuum is version 10.0.6

Thank you!

Hi Christie,

It’s unclear to me why the license would have suddenly errored out like that but we can look into that for you.

You are using Continuum v.10, which was released in 2015 (current version of Continuum is v.16) so you’re well out of your support contract. This means that other users who are on a current support contract are going to receive assistance before you will.

I’ll check in about your license to see if there is anything that can be done to restore that. Please reach out to me directly and we can take it from there as I’ll need some information about your license that you might not want to share in a public forum - you can reach me at peterm(at)borisfx(dot)com.


I am in EXACTLY the same position. My Continuum license won’t activate after a reinstall. I reached out with a support ticket as I have done previous and now am being told I will not be helped and have to purchase a new bundle.

I don’t have to purchase a new bundle. My current one works perfectly fine and was up until this weekend when I did a system reinstall. I simply need someone to reset my activation and send me the new unlock code.

The installers for my version are still available from your site, that’s where I got them. The licenses I have are totally legitimate, and it says I have Boris activation current, which is why it won’t let me activate on my re-installed workstation. So it is checking a data base you are maintaining for that license. These are plugins I have been using very successfully up until this weekend. I have current jobs that rely on the plugins that need to go out.

It’s made more frustrating by the fact my Sapphire license seems to have just activated correctly, and my Boris code is recognized/valid … I just need the updated unlock code.

This is HIGHLY frustrating. If it’s a case of paying for support I will pay for someone to reset it for me.
Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for taking the time to reach out Peter. I actually found the reset button on the account page after I posted.

So its all working again now.

I am curious why the customer service agent at BorisFX simply couldn’t have told me to do that rather then straight out tell me that nothing could be done ?

Anyway, thanks again Peter. Your time is appreciated.




Hey Mick,

Glad that reset worked for you. I have no idea why they wouldn’t offer that info but I’ll ask them about it - doesn’t make any sense to me either.