License stealing feature request

There isn’t an “everything else” category so…

Any chance of getting a “steal the license” (or something with a less contentious term) that allows one to just take over a license rather than having to release it first?

I move around a fair amount and don’t always have remote access to my main machine in order to release the license so I can use it on my laptop.

I’m dreading the day I can’t get access and need to do some truly remote editing and need to render without access to my license.

What I’d really like is the ability from the app manager to take the license over without having to release it first.

That is somthing I did ask (others to) for years. And that why I am not buyig anything more from BorisFX until they solved that licening PROBLEM!!!

Perhaps not the best phrasing :slight_smile: but I agree, a more flexible systme would be greatly appreciated.

We have certainly noted that the ability to remotely deactivate a license to make it available for use on a different machine is a popular request. If you forget to deactivate your license on a machine and don’t have access to it temporarily, or if a you permanently lose access to a machine such as with a hard drive failure, you can reset the activation through our website, but this is limited to once per month. There are detailed instructions here:


Hey Folks.

Please know that we’re aware of the need for, and are currently working on, a solution that would enable users to control activation/deactivation of their license without having to access the machine on which the license is currently activated. We’ll post to the forums once we have this in place and expect that to happen sometime later this year.