How can you get BorisFX to provide a license for a paid subscription to Continuum? They charged me again this year for the annual subscription, but have provided no license nor activation key that works. They don’t seem to exist at the phone numbers listed, and they never reply to email support requests originated on

Being charged hundreds of dollars for products that cannot be used is troubling.

Hi there,

I totally understand that you feel frustrated and upset because you did not receive a license for which you have been charged - apologies abound.

You should have received a license for the software that you paid for - if you were charged money for a license and no such license has arrived please know that this is more likely due to an email issue and nothing more.

When you log in to your account on our web site, you can check many aspects of your account with us, including your email contact address, your license information and history, and any invoices so perhaps you could log into your account and check the status of your license directly.

If you are still unable to retrieve your license please let me know and I’ll personally reach out to our support group and have someone contact you directly to assist you with this. You can reach me at


Thanks, Peter. But of course I did check my Account online before posting here. The prior year’s key shows up, but of course shows expired. The invoice for the year (which started in early April, per the timing of my original subscription purchase) is present, but has no Key.
As for email, I did get the email in April that also had the invoice and showed the annual charge against my payment method, but had in that very email the already-just-expired date on the Key, and no updated expiration date or renewed Key…

However: Just now, after so long failing to get any response via online ticket, email or phone, I did have a Chat window pop up on BorisFX website, and I asked again there. A nice person looked into it, and said that the whole system simply fouled up. He fixed it for the Activation, and offered a Tech Support contact for the fact that the OFX Host still shows the BorisFX plug-ins with red X through them.
Some progress. And hope that people do exist there. Thanks.

I’m delighted to hear that you managed to resolve the license issue but sorry that you had to jump through some hoops to make that happen. Thanks for letting us know.

In the OFX host that you’re using, and I’m just guessing here, but you might need to empty the host cache file to trigger a re-render and remove the watermark.