"Licensing error" when trying to activate trial

Trying to use the trial, and after I fill out my information and hit “request”, I get an error telling me a trial has already been requested like this:

Request Failed: A trial has been previously requested on this computer

But it hasn’t. This is my first time trying to use Mocha. Of course now whenever I subsequently try to request a trial it helpfully tells me a trial has already been requested. Am I supposed to wait for an email? How am I to know whether my trial request has been accepted? I am connected to the internet.

When I click “More info”, it says this:

Projects edited in LE mode cannot be opened in the licensed version. To evaluate mocha Pro Plugin, please Request Trial.
License Error: -1. Multiple errors occurred
WorkPermit Licensing: -2. No license
FlexNet Publisher Licensing: -1. Cannot find license file.
RLM Licensing: 0. RepriseLicenseManager failed to checkout feature(s):

mpp-adobe: Can’t read license data (-102)No such file or directory (errno: 2)
mpp-multihost: Can’t read license data (-102)No such file or directory (errno: 2)
mpp-multihost-so: Can’t read license data (-102)No such file or directory (errno: 2)

What sounds like has happened is the trial has registered, but a permissions issue on your local drive prevented the license from writing to your drive.

Can you send a support case here: Boris FX | Open a Case and we’ll get you sorted. Make sure you fill out all the information you would have placed in the trial so we can locate what went wrong with the registration.

We’ll follow up from there. :slight_smile: