Licensing - failed


Running Adobe CC2017 on windows10, 64bit. I bought the multihost pluginversion of Mocha, great product - if I could use it…

I open up After effects, add the mocha-plugin to my layer, click License under effect controls, enter the correct data in all fields, hit next, hit activate. Result Failed to activate: Failed to actvate.
I contacted support, the send me an unlock code. So I click on the Alternative-button to enter the unlock code. Result: Invalid code.

I’m lost here, support hasn’t shared any other paths to possible success. They suggested giving me a new trial. But that’s the last I heard from them.

I understand that they’re probably superbusy at MochaHQ, but I really need to get this fixed.

If there’s anyone out there that has an idea that I might try, shout it out please!

(I’ve removed Mocha, ran the mocha cleaner, cleared the registry manually, reinstalled etc - so far: no luck)


Hi there, if this is being handled in support (and that’s the best place for it) let me know who you were dealing with, what email you were using for yourself, and I will reconnect you. You probably need a manual activation.


Hi MaryP, Jon did send me the unlock-code -which didn’t work. My email: frank(at)


Hi Frank,

OK, Mike will be contacting you. Jon is out of the office for the holiday. Stand by!



Great! Looking forward to it!