Licensing for 2021.5

Just a heads up for those wanting to use the awesome new tools in the latest version of Particle Illusion that the 2021.5 release is considered a “major” one. You will have to purchase an upgrade license even if, like me, you bought the premium filter just two months ago. The premium filters are not covered in the “upgrade and support” plan.


Check with BorisFX, like you, i only bought mine a few months ago, i asked, and i was entitled to up upgrade to Continuum 14.5 at no charge.

Just ask, you got nothing to lose but a lots to gain.

BTW, was that the in continuum PI package or standalone version PI you are talking about, mine was in the Continuum package.

Hi @Alpine,
Thanks for your message. I did ask and was told I wasn’t eligible for the upgrade. My purchase was as a premium filter, not the Continuum package. With Continuum you get 12 months of upgrades covered.


oh! i thought all the continuum package and mocha ,etc were the premium filters, but ok, that’s good to know for the future thou. :smiley: because i want more.


I’m in the same boat. I purchased the filter in April. I’m really disappointed in BorisFX.

They should update the Premium Filters section and explicitly state that it doesn’t include free updates for a year, and also update this language on all the resellers site. They are the only company (that I’m aware of), that does this. So bizarre.

It is there, but you do have to drill down through the website to find it:

The last sentence is:

Notes:1) Continuum Units and Premium Filters are not part of the Boris FX Upgrade and Support Plan.