Licensing Issues for Mocha Pro 2020

Decided to upgrade a second machine and install the new version of Mocha 2020. I read about the ability to deactivate/activate a single node-locked license between machines, so I tried this with terrible results. I got the deactivation screen on my primary machine, but was never able to activate it on the second machine. And now I cannot reactivate Mocha on my primary computer. Now both machines are telling me: “You have reached the maximum number of activations permitted with this key. You can purchase a an additional license or uninstall from another machine and try again 0x7f26da”. Your licensing server is clearly not working correctly. This is using the multi-host plugin in After Effects (I have the standalone and multi-host package) on a Mac running 10.13. I am using the activation key sent to me in an email at the time of purchase.

Thank you,

Hi David,
Sorry to hear this. This is definitely a scenario where submitting an official support case is the best way to get your activations reset.

If you have not done so, please go here:

I did submit one, thank you. Waiting for a reply, not able to get work done, so I thought I’d post here for any insight.


If you’re stuck and can’t work, definitely call the office and talk to support. 1-888-77-BORIS

Thanks Mary. I called and tech support resolved my issue. Apparently the server did recognize the activation on the second machine but my machine wasn’t having it. Regardless, they reset the activation and I’m back to work. The whole thing was actually just a test to see if it even worked. I’m likely not willing to try that again unless I had support on the line.