Licensing Issues since the new year


Running monthly licenses on a few MacOS bays that we have and they are up for renewal. However, when attempting to activate replacement licenses, we are getting “Network Read error. If You have a Proxy server, please run from the command-line with --proxy. 0x7cf92b”.

This starting affecting our bays a few days before the new year. We’ve not made any changes that I’m aware of to our systems, and both Continuum and Sapphire appear to be affected.

I’ve tried contacting support online and via phone, but haven’t had any luck getting in contact.

Any thoughts? I’m not seeing key files in my online account to manually activate these licenses with.


Hi Derek,

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll look for your ticket and someone will get back you ASAP.

Thanks Victor. Someone reached and out and was able to provide the key file.

It’s looking like it might be a firewall issue at this location with the license tool, but I’m able to reach without issue.

Are there any specific URLs or ports that need to be open for the license tools for Continuum and Sapphire?

We use monthly licenses as we let each project choose which FX package they wish to use, so I want to try to get the tool working again.