Licensing of continuum vs continuum units

I already have 2 continuum units installed. If I decide to buy the monthly subscription for continuum do I need to deactivate those 2 unit licenses first? Or can I leave them as they are?

What happens if I decide to cancel the subscription? Will those 2 units still work?

Hi There,

Well if you go with a monthly subscription of the full Continuum package, that subscription license will supersede the Unit licenses that you’re currently using. I would recommend that you deactivate both Unit licenses and uninstall the Units, then download and install the full Continuum package and activate the new Continuum subscription license.


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Thank you, Peter.

Hey, I downloaded the trial and decided to buy. I didn’t get any license am I missing something? I deleted the trail but still do not see the bought version.

Your license(s) are in your Boris FX account.

Then click licenses.

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