Lighting Effect to simulate "People Passing By" recommendation


Could anyone recommend a particular BCC or Sapphire Lighting plugin I could use to generate an effect to make it look like a light source hitting two people talking in a room, randomly gets shadowed/dimmed as if people off-camera are just randomly walking/dancing pass the light source? Please let me know if this description needs any clarification. Thanks for the help!!!

Hi There,

I would suggest using BCC Light for this type of effect - you can select from a huge trove of factory installed Gobos to shape the light (or you can import your own image for that use) and you can use the luma info in the scene to distort the light and make it appear as though it’s more of an in camera effect.

You’ll want to keyframe the light intensity of the foreground and background to simulate the light changing as the light source is momentarily obscured.


Awesome thanks Peter! Looking forward to diving in on this suggestion!!