Lighting plugin to simulate flashing club lights or a television screen?

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Hi, i created a strobe effect in this post using S_Flicker Strobe effect?
I just tried BCC Spotlight to see if i could make it flash, but first i wanted the light Target to pan across the screen
Tracked Target in Mocha

but the Target doesn’t move back on the timeline? :thinking:

I’d suggest using either BCC FIlm Damage or BCC Video Glitch - both of these filters include a light flicker group so just disable the other options and you should be able to tweak the look to taste. Isolating the effect to a portion of the screen, whether that’s static or animated, can be done using the integrated Mocha option.

Hi, so i tracked the Target, does that mean the Target should move across the screen?

Tracking the spotlight target should work as expected - I’ll take a look and share my findings.

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Thanks, my fault i guess, this wasn’t tracking anything, i just wanted the Target to pan across so i created a keyframe each end of the timeline & the spline either side of the screen & let it track across,
just tried it tracking my saw & it worked as expected,
I guess it needs to be actually tracking something,

Sounds good - thanks for the update!

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Thanks @PeterMcAuley and @Gid.Joiner for all of the suggestions! I’m just getting to work on adding this effect to my project and will follow up with what combination from the suggestions end up working best for getting the “look” I want