Lightworks+Boris Graffiti ---> motion path, movie file

Hi every one,

trying to animate some text along a path drawn

trying something simple to start of…
but when i look to add a motion path for some text to follow can’t see

allso looking for

is it that ive got a cut down version with my years licence with Lightworks or I need another plugin

please advise,

hopfully its a newbie easy solution…


Hi Michael,

To place text on a path in Graffiti try this :slight_smile:
(1) generate a text object
(2) in the timeline, make the Face the current selection
(3) in the control panel, select the Path tab and enable the Make Path Track option
(4) in the timeline, make the Text Path the current selection
(5) select the pen tool from the toolbar
(6) in the composite window, create a path shape with the pen tool - the text will automatically adhere to the path shape
(7) in the timeline, make the face the current selection
(8) in the control panel, in the Path tab, you can control the position of the text along the path by adjusting the On Path Motion rotation parameter value. You can keyframe this over time to generate animated text along a path

Although you can export a a static image from Graffiti, you can’t export an animation - this is handled by the host when using Graffiti as a plug-in within the host.

I hope this helps!

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Wow, thanks for the quick reply, im just thanking you first then i’m going through your steps straight after.

i will try to launch Boris for lightworks with a movie track and see if im able to save the animation that way after.

thanks again



Just had a stumberling block on
(2) in the timeline, make the Face the current selection

which when i selected the TEXT… and tryed it … EUREKA

JUST as you said.

( So TEXT is FACE for ME )

Thanks Peter…

Looking at it again…

when boris is started up i was deleting all from the time line and created a new (R Mouse Click) MEDIA -->TEXT from timeline

which gave me this

{ the above is ‘3DLine Art’ Style}

Peter’s explanation asked me to select the ‘Face’
which is posible if you choose 3 D Plane Style As Below

Newbie error

( Oh dear more to follow LOL )