Lines where joins are in remove

Hello, I’m using the removal module to remove a person walking. I’ve tracked various parts of the body, then joined the shapes.
The removal does a pretty good job, however, it’s leaving lines where the shapes are joined together.

My current fix was to go back before I joined the shapes and export them, then re-import them as a single shape. It works, but seems like a lot of extra steps.

I’ve had a similar issue with the backgrounds where I joined my ground track with another track (trees in the background), and a line was left at the joint.

The lines seem to be slivers of about 1 pixel of the object being removed.

Any suggestions on how to avoid these lines?


Hi Richard,

The problem occurs due to the joined mattes slightly having a falloff, which results in a non-opaque matte at the seam. We have this bug in the list to be fixed in a point release.

The best way to avoid this at present is to either do what you are already doing (import the rendered matte), or remove in passes using the Output tab in remove to create a new clip for each render.