Link matte to tracker drifts

I’ve created a solid tracking layer. Then created a matte layer and simply linked the matte to the tracking layer… though the tracking layer does not drift, the matte is! Why is that?

thank you

Now I’m more confused than ever! The shape of the tracker isn’t drifting, but the surface inside it is. How do I fix the tracker when the shape isn’t drifting but the surface is? I’ve tried using keyframes on the surface and that just sends everything out of whack… help!

thank you;

Why not trying the adjust track tab ?

did that, but still don’t understand why the surface would drift if the spline shape isn’t

Hi there,

The surface tool IS the track, that’s what the track is doing, and wherever you move it it will still follow the tracking data.

The spline is only where the track is looking and can be animated, it is NOT the track.

That’s where the disconnect is happening, I think, you’ve confused the surface and spline tools.

I highly recommend the Mocha Fundamentals for further training so you have the basics of planar tracking under your belt before you dive into a project, it will really help going forward. You can find them streaming free here: Boris FX | Videos

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.