Link track causing mask to Jitter in Mocha Pro

I have an excellent track that I checked with the grid and it looks very smooth. I did some adjust track drift corrections, maybe 4 keyframes total. When I create another spline shape and then link the tracking to the nice track layer the spline jitters like crazy. I used to do this in another version all the time. Say you want to track a building and then cut out the windows. Instead of tracking all the windows I would just track that face of the building and link them all. Any tips?

When you linked to the adjust tracked layer, did you check the checkbox for linking to the adjusted version of that layer?

Yes, you would just track the face and it should work with very few keyframes.

I tried checking the box on and off and really no difference is noticeable. If I just make a shape anywhere and link to the good track layer adjusted or not it just makes the linked layer crazy jittery. Something I had never seen before in the previous version. Wishing I didn’t upgrade to try power mesh ;). The fix for now is setting “goal” keyframes for the layer linked to the tracking layer and then just unlink and track again on each layer. Takes some time but damn I got a lot of windows haha.

No, that should work in this version. What type of footage? Are you tracking with the GPU?