Link track to groups?

Hello again,
I needed to make 30 duplicate masks that all are driven by the same track. I tried to group all 30 into 1 group and apply a linked track to it, but it’s greyed out.

If Mocha doesn’t allow it, then this is a great suggestion for 2020 :grin:
If it’s allowed, then what am I doing wrong?

We’d definitely like to add more functionality to groups, but until we are able to do so, simply link the layer to the Track you need it to be attached to and THEN duplicate it 30 times. Then group them into a folder. That will solve your issue for you for now.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.


Yup, that was my work around.
But for those special occasions when I forget to link the 1st roto,
or wasn’t planning on this type of work flow
or find myself 30 layers into the project (before thinking)
Dam, a nice group all, and link would put a smile on so many artists. :star_struck:

Thanks for the help!

We have global group functionality on our list, but I will still let our Product Manager know about it. Have a great day!