Linking or parenting one Bezier on a layer to another

In order to avoid flickering, I need to match the movement and growth of one background Bezier to a FG Bezier in another layer. How to accomplish that ? is there a way to link them or parent one to the other, so they keep the same relationship and avoid flickering in my exported video ? thanks !

You should just be able to put shapes under the same track layer, unless Iā€™m mistaken.

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To add on to what Mary said, since the BG inner shape is not that critical in this case, I suggest the following:

  • Delete the current BG shape
  • Duplicate the FG shape and assign the duplicate to BG
  • Enable MultiFrame mode
  • Scale the BG shape smaller to fit within the window
  • Switch back to Reshape mode

This will ensure the BG shape exactly matches the animation of the FG shape, but is just a bit smaller.

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Thanks for the advice Marco, my only question is how to switch back to reshape mode ? I`m still learning the program. Thanks.

You can either click on the Reshape icon in the Toolbar or press the R keyboard shortcut.