Linking track for segment of clip

is there a way to link one tracking layer to another for part of the clip and then track itself for the rest of the clip?

I have something I need to track that is off the screen at the beginning of the clip, but once it’s full on the screen the part I was tracking goes off the screen.

Also, when I link the tracks, the one off the screen still slips

Trim the layer and duplicate it for then it comes back on screen, you can’t do that on the same layer. If you want to make a track that has a gap in it, use manual track to align the track from where you can see if before it goes off screen to where the object comes back on screen and track the object off screen from both directions.

thank you Mary, that’s helpful… I’ve just run into something else… I tried tracking the top of a small table… no interference, it should have been simple, BUT, the shape never moved, yet the surface and grid tracked pretty well, still quite a bit of drift. Why would the shape not track with the surface?

Check for reflection or shadow on the table top, Mocha will see even subtle reflection and considers these occlusions. If you see any reflection, use add to x spline to cut it out of the shape you are tracking. Or simply try tracking the edges of the table all around the top.


thank you Mary; once again very helpful :smile: