Linux network installation : how to change the license path?

Hi there,

I’m installing mochapro v3.2 on our network.
It’s a floating license, the license server is up and running.
A linux client is operationnal, and now I’m setting up the “network installation”, so that the users would be able to launch mocha installed on a NFS-mounted drive, throught the network.

It works like a charm except that I still have to put the mocha_Pro_cross-platform_floating_license_v3.000_client.lic file locally, on every workstation that needs to run mocha.

Is there a way to change the path in which mocha searchs the .lic file ?


Hi Pierre, you can do this with an environment variable:


It can be used two different ways:

ISL_LICENSE_FILE=path to license file



port is optional, use this if the license server is running on a non-standard port.
host is the hostname of the license server, it must always be proceeded by the @ sign.

Yeah, awesome.

It works juste fine, thanks a lot !