List of effects in filesystem


Hi BCC, I’d like to disable unused effects - But there’s no complete list of effects names and file-names. This would be very helpfull to clean up my workspace !!


What host are you using and what version of Continuum do you have installed? Depending on the host you might be able to add/remove individual effects but in many hosts this is not possible.


Hi, am using BCC 8 with ppro/aefx cs6 - it’s easy to locate the aex files - if you just move thme out of the resp. folder that’s it. The difficulty is just that many filenames do not fully corresspond to the filter name in after effects.
Tha’s why its a bit of a tediuos task.
Can you provide a list/table of realtion?


Funny that noone nwered yet. Sure you have some brillant filters/effects. - I finally managed to seperate the crapware from the unseable stuff. There are 10% left over. …