Literally Blown Away

Nice work on the new features guys. It now works WITHIN After Effects? I had to watch that a few times to check if it was true. I’ve already contacted sales for a quote. Brilliant stuff.

@ExpensiveHobby I’m glad you liked what you saw. We are eager to release the new version asap!

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I do have a question now actually. Given that Silhouette 2021 will work within After Effects, does that then mean that Sapphire/Continuum/Mocha Pro Adobe will work in Silhouette (when used in After Effects) or will Silhouette still only recognise OFX plug-ins?

Silhouette will only recognize OFX plug-ins. The officially supported list of OFX plug-ins is: Boris FX Sapphire, Neat Video and RE:Vision Effects products

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep my Mocha Pro Adobe/OFX updated then. The rest can be worked around.

One more question (for now). Working within After Effects will it work with video formats or will it be limited to (example) PNG still?

The Silhouette 2021 Standalone and plug-in version will support the import of movie file formats.


Brilliant! Thanks.