Load presets loose pixel chooser mask

I have the option set to not recall mocha pixel chooser when loading a preset and that works great with presets that come with the program, however any preset that I save loses existing pixel chooser mocha masks when recalled. Is there a way to have user presets behave the same as factory presets? Is there a special way they need to be saved?

This should work without anything special when saving the presets. It’s only when loading the preset that you need to make sure the pref for whether or not to include the pixelchooser/mocha data is set the way you want.

Can you send us a sample preset that doesn’t load the way you want and remind us what host you are using and we can double check the workflow.


Hi Jason,
I’ve emailed you 3 simple presets I made for fast blur. 3 with underscores are user presets made without creating a pixel chooser mask, I tried it both ways but still when I recall these presets, I lose any pixel chooser mocha masks I’ve made before loading the preset. The factory preset also included does not lose my pixel chooser mocha mask I’ve made before loading the preset. Attached are my prefrence settings

I can confirm that we are reproducing this problem and that we’ve filed a bug ticket. The problem appears to be specific to Avid - works fine in AE. I do have a couple workarounds though that I can suggest:

  1. Use the FX Browser to load the presets instead of the filter’s preset menu. In our testing so far it appears to work as expected through the FX Browser in Avid.

  2. Modify the XML contents of the problematic presets in a text editor to remove the Mocha data reference, in which case they can then be loaded without issue through the normal preset menu. I sent you an email with converted versions of the sample presets you sent us. To do this to an additional preset you would need to open the preset file in a text editor. They have format .BSP or .BAP but they are XML files internally that can be loaded and edited manually when necessary. Find the section where the name field is set to “Mocha Data0” and then delete the full entry for that param. For example this whole block would need to be deleted:

     	<name>Mocha Data0</name>
     		<mochadata size="24" ID="11010125">

We will get this issue into our queue, but let me know if these workaround don’t work for you in the meantime.