Location of Spline Shape vs. Surface Area


Can one track and area with a spline shape, and locate the surface tool area elsewhere? Having difficulty getting a good track where I need placement of text and image… It has been some time since I used Mocha, and some things seem to have changed. I recall placing the image/text actually in Mocha. This required precomping of text and using Fit to Comp before importing it into Mocah for placement. Recent tutorials online don’t seem to mention this.


Yes, the surface is independent of the spline and the tracking data, so you can reposition it how you like before or after tracking and it will move relative to the track.
As long as the area you track is “coplanar” (i.e. on the same plane )to where you want to place the surface, you should be fine.

The only time the surface is NOT independent from the track is:

  1. If you use it to perform a manual track using the “Manual track” option
  2. You adjust the track using the Classic AdjustTrack module

Excellent, thx!