Log space in Mocha

How can I view footage in Log space? The choice is greyed out under the clip menu and I have it Log chosen in preferences but it doesn’t do anything.


The plugin has less clip controls than the standalone, so I think you must be looking at the plugin. View the log data in your host and Mocha will read whatever the host provides.

No, it’s the standalone. Under clip it shows Linear, Log, Panalog. Linear is selected but they are all greyed out so I can’t change it. Under Preferences>Clip it also shows Linear, Log, Panalog under Format and lets me choose. I chose Log but it doesn’t make any difference. I also quit and re-launched to be sure.


Weird! What is the bit depth of the clip? And what type of file?

They are 16-bit EXRs.


Hi Brian,

By default, EXRs in standalone can only be viewed in their native Linear colorspace format. You cannot view EXRs in Log space.

If this is irritating we can add a request to change it.

This is the second show that has supplied EXRs in Log, I’ve also had some DPXs in Rec709. It would be nice to be able to change. If it’s tough to enable the chooser in the clip tab I would say it’s low priority but I would use it if it were there.


Ok i’ll put in a request to have it freed up.

FWIW We have yet to receive exr’s in the correct linear colorspace - colourhouses seem to be assuming it’s float so they can not bother which is absolutely incorrect so we end up having to find out the originating camera and manually forcing it to the correct colourspace.

With so many flavour’s of color stupidity at a minimium being able to set a 2D LUT that could be generated from Nuke would enable Mocha to handle much of what’s out there in the wild !? - just a thought.

In the plugin, we’ll read whatever Nuke inputs to us. In standalone, we read the footage directly.
I’ve added a feature request to handle the various colour space flavours for EXR.

For a tool like Mocha it may be best to allow for a viewing LUT rather than color space changes. Once you change the underlying data you also have to worry what happens when you render it out. And so one setting turns into many, whereas a LUT retains original data but makes it easy to work on. You can either get a grading LUT with the actual look or have a few basic standbys at hand.

If color space changes actually had to happen, I’d rather do that in a different tool that’s built for that.

Also there are so many flavour’s - currently in Nuke I list 25 separate and valid colourspace choices all which may have to be manually selected based on the originating colour houses lack of correct metadata.

Personally I was thinking the ability to set a 2D lut on import in the Clip Tab would be far preferable for you guy’s rather than having to go through the many man hour’s of implementing all that support at a code level …

My tuppence

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Let’s just say we’re looking into it. :slight_smile:
I can’t promise anything as there’s a number of things on the current release path, but we do have some plans for color management in the future.