Logo burst in continuum pi filter

I’m always confused where to write when using the pi fiter?
I have a round logo which i want to “burst” out and disappear. I can render out my effect and control the underlying clip with opacity (im in resolve). The other way I see is to apply it and then use alpha+apply mode, which is the way I would like to work with these things. My problem is that I cannot seem to get into my head how I get a round logo to burst without it picking up the “black matter” around the round logo. I don’t understand why this is happening when I’m working with png/alpha background.
I hope this makes sense or I will be happy to elaborate.

Hi, if you want the particles just to emit from the object on the image & not the surrounding Alpha, change these settings in the Properties to ‘From Layer’

I see. When I refresh my cache in resolve this works. I am a bit confused by the fact that it is still visible in PI though. I guess if the result is solid, then this doesn’t matter.
Kind regards

Mine does that if i have the Preview Background set to Checkerboard,

Set Black or Source Video it looks right

Sorry yeah, just reread your comment & I just noticed the white solid behind it, I’m off out right now but maybe you need to apply PI to the logo on it 's own in a new/separate composite :+1: