Long load with motion blur

hi everyone,

So I have some 4K plates that I’m Roto’ing within Mocha Pro for AE.

As soon as I start adding Motion Blur to my shapes, Mocha craps out big time and takes up to 5-15minutes to start.

Is there some kind of fix for this?

You can render the mattes out with motion blur instead of applying the matte, that will take a lot of time of processing. Anytime you add things like motion blur to shapes and apply the mask you’re asking AE to work harder for every single frame. On 4K, this is going to take time. I would simply go to “export rendered shapes” and export all of your shapes into a single matte pass. That way you only have to render the motion blur once.


Thanks for the quick response @maryp !

I tried exporting the shapes and then a QT directly from Mocha but only had minimal performance gains on what is a very very fast PC. In the past I’ve always had a lot of trouble getting reliable performance from Mocha when there’s more than a couple of roto shapes that need MB attached. Thought it might have been improved in 2019… Might be something to look at in the next releases?

For anyone who is reading this - the work around was to export a matte out of Mocha then re-import and use RSMB (reelsmartmotionblur) which created a really fast and easy way to give motion blur to the roto shapes. There’s a fair bit of back and fourth with the exporting but hopefully it’s something that Mocha will be able to process faster in the future.

The good news is we are working on GPU processing for mattes. Thank you for posting your workaround!