Long panning/360 shot

Hi There,

I have a long shot that goes around 360 degrees while going back/forth on a slider, I’m trying to track this in Mocha AE so then I can smoothen out the shot in AE. The shot is a little jittery, and isn’t timed perfectly which is why I’m trying to smoothen/stabilise in AE.

Since tracking points go in and out of the frame, I’m using multiple X splines (with add X Spline to layer tool), and all goes well for the first few x splines but then strange thing start to happen which I have little knowledge about. It’s hard to explain (I will try posting images below), but the individual points from x splines earlier in the video (which have passed by) seem to extend all the way across to the other half of the screen, and the spline turns pink. I’m wondering if this is something to do with it being a 360? shot? (See the pink x splines in the right hand side of screenshots)

When I import to AE, the layer goes all over the place, I’ll post a sample of the tracking data below.

Thank you to anybody who responds/knows what’s going on, apologies I don’t!

I can provide the reference shot and any other info for anybody willing to pursue this further!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

XYZ Tracking Data:
591 -71817.8 13197.6 0
592 -81729.5 15081.1 0
593 784.586 -107.571 0
594 -10289 1956.88 0
595 -43226.8 8140.84 0
596 12926 -2356.1 0
597 -94149.6 17785.9 0
598 -24081.9 4619.16 0
599 -91181.4 17215.7 0
600 -5902.25 1209.24 0
601 -86570.2 16222.7 0
602 -18999.7 3657.37 0
603 -34008.8 6451.19 0
604 -39849.4 7548.39 0
605 -2041.12 516.518 0
606 -46144 8803.25 0
607 -83076.4 15871.7 0
608 -75742.5 14576 0
609 -27520 5453.01 0
610 -81489.1 15876.4 0
611 -25674.3 5169.85 0
612 -50632.1 10039.4 0
613 -46339.9 9263.7 0
614 -128546 25354 0
615 -100137 19972.5 0
616 4450.91 -614.201 0

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your quick response. I’m only tracking translation, scale and rotatiomn yet this still seems to be happening. I have attached a screenshot of my track settings incase I’m doing anything wrong.

Thanks a million for the help, much appreciated!

Thanks Martin, when I choose “None” under “Link to track” once I go to track forwards the shape just stays in position and doesn’t follow the tracking area. Am I doing something wrong?

If that doesn’t work I can move onto separate layers as you said, or split up the video

Thanks again

Great, works like a charm!

Love mocha, and support is fantastic as well. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a million,
Dara :slight_smile:

That is correct: The shape will not move because it is not attached to the track, but your tracking will still move. Turn on your surface or grid in the view controls and you’ll see what I mean.

What is happening here is the surface is going behind the camera. Since the plane you are tracking is essentially a sphere, the 2d projection cannot go all the way around.

Are you tracking just rotation scale and translation? If not, try that instead, as shear or perspective is going to skew the tracking for such a large pan.

Try an unlinked track instead, so draw your shape and under “Link to Track” in the layer properties, set it to “None”. You may still need to move the shape around to avoid foreground, but it means you won’t need to add new shapes.

If you still get the issue, you may need to resort to multiple tracks which you will then need to parent to each other in AE.