Long render times


My name is Joshua and I run a pc gaming website and channel. I am by no means a talented editor and lack the terms required to explain what I am experiencing thoroughly but I’m going to try anyway!

Basically, I use Sony Vegas 14-15 as well as Premiere Pro CC on occasion but let’s talk about Vegas 15.

I’ve been using the same render settings for 1080p 60fps for the longest time, but only recently I have been experiencing incredibly long render times. Typically a 1-hour video would render at about 1-3 hours depending on tracks and effects. Lately, I’ve been upwards of 15 hours for a single hour video. I really hope someone can help me!

I don’t know if this is caused by BorisFX Continuum & Saphire but the problem has arrived since I started using it.

If you have a step-by-step fix please explain in really easy to understand terms. Thanks!

PS BorisFX is amazing.

Recorded in 1080p 59.940 FPS H.264 NVEC rendered in the same format MP4 to my understanding. As mention NO settings have changed but the time is longer.

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This type of issue is best suited for our support team. It would be too hard to diagnose the problem in a forum post, your best bet is to ping them over at https://borisfx.com/support/ and they can get you straightened out.