Looking for guidance if Particle Effects can do this :

I’ve been reading up on Particle Effects and in conjunction with Optics as I’m a photoshop user.
However I’ve a specific task that I cant quite find a tutorial or guide on how to achieve.

Lets say I have a photograph of a person that is masked out from any background layers in Photoshop.
I can see Particle Effects allows 3d effects to be created - but is it possible to put that 2d masked photograph in the middle of the 3d effect - to wrap around.

I’m guessing it would involve Photoshop → Optics → Particle Effects??

Any pointers on guides/tutorials would help.


If you’re creating a still image, then isn’t it just a matter of masking out the particles where you want them to go “behind” the person?

If you’re talking about creating an animation, then take a look at this video: Boris FX Continuum 2021.5: Integrating Particle Illusion with After Effects Text - YouTube

It’s for After Effects, but the concepts should apply to Photoshop and other hosts.

Thank you for the reply. I guess I’m trying to avoid masking the rear lights/effects in photoshop, and do it while creating the particle field.

For example if I do something complex with tons of lights, and they have flares, the ones in the rear “behind” the image don’t create any flare/light but outside the mask they interact with lights/flares as needed.

Also if a light is right on the edge of the mask it may create a part of the light/flare but hide the rest.