Looking for random numbers scifi effect matrix style

sry to ask this here but there are so many FX in the Sapphire bundle im a bit overwhelmed.

so im looking for effects to add random(or not random) text to videos in background / blending…
just like shown in this video at 6:55 Q-ANON EXPOSED BY SAM HYDE!!! - YouTube

basically matrix style text effects but with variety so it doesnt look like a straight up matrix rip off lolll

can i do such a thing with the sapphire fx and if not could you recommend something possibly ?

Sapphire doesn’t have this kind of thing but if you have Continuum you could use Particle Illusion which has a range of text-style presets to get you started.


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i do have that thanks.
so those would be in the particle illusion browser with the fireworks and stuff ?
il have a look …