Looking for this emitter

I was looking at the Particle Illusion product page and saw one sample of a holographic city skyline, which I thought was pretty cool. But I can’t find it in any of the libraries. Does anyone know if that’s supposed to be included with PI or is it custom made.

I have the latest versions of the free standalone PI (and latest emitters) as well as Optics and Continuum 2023. See attached image for the emitter I’m talking about

pi city skyline

It’s not included in any of the libraries. But I’ve attached it here, along with the 3D model that it needs.

You’ll probably have to find the 3D model once you open the project., or copy it to the PI3DModels folder. (Adding the emitter to a library – after you’ve located the model so the emitter is working correctly – will automatically copy the model to the PI3DModels folder)

PI_buildings_emitter_and_model.zip (877.7 KB)

You need PI 2023 to open this project I think.


Thanks Alan, I appreciate it!

Sorry, one more question… Where exactly can I find the PI3DModels folder?



You might have to tick ‘Hidden items’, close the folder & reopen it for it to show,

Okay thanks. It’s working fine now.