Looking for Training Topic Requests

Hello Mocha users.
As you probably know, we love to create training tutorials to ensure that people get the most out of our tools. As we look to next year, I’d like to compile a list of subjects that you would like to see covered.

What subjects, features or tasks would you like to see? More intros and quick tips? More deep dives? Please let us know and even better, send us footage! We are always looking for tricky removals, screen tracks, 360/VR clips etc.


Techniques for using the mesh in the Warp tool.

How to perform inserts using the insert module for shots that have multiple screens. (All of the tutorials demonstrate how to perform an screen insert when there is only one screen in the shot). Also, it would be helpful if this tutorial showed how to do this in the Mocha Pro Avid plugin (and not just in the AE plugin).

  • Using Mocha in conjunction with other BCC plugins. Like Mary’s Sky Replacement Tutorial.
  • Maybe doing a wire/rig removal. Fishing line has often been tough for me because of how it reflects light.
  • Doing multiple removes and an insert on a single shot is something I’ve run into (dust busting a speed-ramped turntable and inserting video).

Thanks Sam. Can you send us some examples of wire removal clips that we could use for training.

I’m making the request of the production company.