Loop background?

Hi, the clip i have as the foreground is 2.35mins long, but the Sparkles background is only 0.11secs,
Extend duration is ticked but as it gets to 0.11secs it just becomes a static image, the sparkles don’t sparkle anymore,
Is there a way to loop the background for continuous play?

You can loop the clip using the Sequence editor. See the Sequence Editor and Sequence Editor Tutorial for more information.

The basic steps would be:

  • Select the clip in the Sources window
  • Click the Sequence icon
  • Set the Loop amount and direction
  • Drag the sequence from the Sources window to the Trees window
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Excellent thankyou, that works well :+1::+1:

I’m just curious but is this expected use of CPU, RAM & GPU?
it doesn’t bother me if so :+1:
3840 x 2160 AVC MP4 media,
S-Effect Vignette making the purple border
Transform reducing central image size,
Paint doing nothing

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX 32-Cores 3.50Ghz,

I haven’t monitored how much memory or CPU/GPU resources each node uses, Silhouette will use a combination of CPU and GPU resources and how much would vary depending on the type of node.

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