Loss of keyboard commands

hi, sometimes when i use the mocha tracker i lose my keyboard controls. this happens in both 2020.5.6.3 and 2020.0.3

i.e. track 3 frames, track breaks then i can’t do anything with the keyboard. no control z, t, r, pgup, pgdn, nothing.

it’s extremely frustrating. is there any work around?


What OS/version are you running?

Are you hitting the cancel button while tracking or does the tracker stop on its own when it fails?

Do you have a set of steps that reproduces this?

i’m using linux and it happens when i do both, single frame step the mocha track and when it’s auto.

in this situation, i single frame stepped the tracker 3 frames, it breaks and i can’t do anything. normally i would just control z the back to the last good frame but it doesn’t do anything.

i went back to version5 and it doesn’t happen.

Hmm, this is working for me in Ubuntu 18. What distribution/version of Linux are you using?

Cent OS 7

Hi Robert,

Can you open a ticket with support by sending an email to support@borisfx.com?


sure thing. thx.