Lost Emitters on Particule illusion update Stand Alone and update Vega Pro 17


core i9
2070 super RTX
Vega Pro 17

  1. I update Stand Alone Particule illusion : I lost only emitters 2019

  2. I update emitters on Vega Pro 17 so I lost all emitters except 2020.5

When i try to update 2019 and 2019.5 and 2020 and more they are erase.

How to import picture or video on stand alone waiting to fix it ?

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Hi There,

If you have not yet already done so, you should download the full set of PI emitters, which are available here :

The PI standalone product was never intended to import video or images as a background - you can only do this from within a host application.


Thank’s @PeterMcAuley

  1. Plug In on Vega Pro or plug in lauch only
    Yes i do it but i install on plugin Vega Pro i don’t have emitters only 2020.5 and 2021.5 for by example emitters energy anime disapear from 2020 emitters
    If i install last release and update last emitters are erase.

It’s crazy, I don’t undestand !

  1. Stand alone
    So i had all emitters with stand alone but not 2022 with fluid.

The plugin version and standalone share the same EmitterLibraries folder. As long as they are both the 2022 version, you should see the same libraries in each. (We released PISA 2022 yesterday)

The latest emitter library is always installed with the main PI installer (or Continuum installer). So if you install Continuum 2020.5, it will install Emitters_2020.5 (in addition to the Sampler and Custom libraries). If you install PISA 2022, that will install Emitters_2022.

To get all of the other emitter libraries (Exposions, Abstract, etc.) you need to use the Additional Emitter Libraries installer.

Use the newest version of the Emitter Libraries installer – download it fresh.

Thank’s @Alan_Lorence
I understand but i have really problem with emitters
Look this screen
First are PISA and second PI plugin

Before I had emitters energy from 2020 i lost them

I don’t have a same emitters
so if update emitters on plugin it’s delete the last additional Emitters

Next i show you the issue on video.

The screen on waiting for video.

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One thing: there’s no reason to have both the plugin version and standalone version installed at the same time. If you have the plugin version, you don’t need the standalone.

And you should only ever use the latest version of the Additional Emitter Libraries installer – and only one time!

Looking at your screengrabs again, they are almost correct. When running 2021 you should only see Emitters_2020, Emitters_2020.5, and Emitters_2021.

(I notice that Emitters_2020 is missing, so not sure about that).

Yes 2020 it missing
I just installed last emitters for plugin
I lost 2021 with fiber

Can you clarify - exactly which installer did you run before that last screenshot? and which version of PI is shown in that screenshot?

Emitters_2020.il3.zip (4.7 MB)

Try this version of Emitters_2020.il3 instead.

Copy to the following folder:
On Mac: /Library/Application Support/BorisFX/EmitterLibraries
On Windows: C:\ProgramData\BorisFX\EmitterLibraries

Hi @jclement

I screen PI 14.03.875 from Continuum

i lost all emitters except ver 2020.5
i don’t have 2021 anymore and more

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Hi @Alan_Lorence

It’s work.
Would you be able to send me the others that are missing
because i can’t to install them :
2021 to 2022

Thank’s you so much !

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If you check the following folder, you’ll see that you probable DO have those libraries, but since you are running v2021, the newer libraries won’t be loaded – they require newer versions of PI.

That’s why everything shows when you run PISA 2022, but the new ones are missing from 2021.

On Mac: /Library/Application Support/BorisFX/EmitterLibraries
On Windows: C:\ProgramData\BorisFX\EmitterLibraries

Hi @Alan_Lorence

  1. On the other hand I am supposed to have until version 2021.5
    what i had before
    they are disapear when i reinstall computer
    I found it setup on my computer so it doesn’t work if i download from Database.
    This version from Marc 2021.

  1. So i get 2021.5 emitters

    I can’t get this 2021.5 because the emitters setup doesn’t work

  2. How to upate PI plugin in order to buy and get fluid ?

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