Lost my x-spline bounding box while creating roto shapes

Hey guys and gal!

I have had this happen a couple of times- I have finally had success with my track and I am now creating the shape data for roto, I have been working with in 350-400 frames; I will create my shape at the frame with the most data, as Mary has drilled into my head, and then go to the end range and and to the first frame and then split the frames forward to position and scale the roto appropriately; and then the surprises- I’ll land on a frame were my shape goes really bonkers. I have used the / and * to scale back in, but almost always have to use the zx to pull back-- and this is where I get frustrated: I can’t find the corners of the bounding box to pull everything back into range to fix the roto shape and move on.

So I’ve opened the dope sheet but am clueless

I just pull and pull and pull the bounding lines to tighten the box

is there a keyboard short cut to bring this bounding box back into view?

and yes this does occur because I am a crappy mocha user who hasn’t truly gotten the best track and don’t use the surface tool enough … but I’m trying

maybe you can to some rescue tutorials= how to save that roto work I’ve been working on for three days


What you are probably experiencing is a point where the tracking data has become skewed. This is what mostly throws off roto like this.

If you turn on your surface and grid then look at the tracking data through the timeline, does the surface stay consistent, or does it skew wildly? Does it disappear?
If your roto is suddenly scaling up to a point where you lose the bounding box, this definitely sounds like the tracking data is off on that frame.

If you like you can also send us the project file to take a look.