Lost the curve editor

—Quote (Originally by Ijazn)—
Open Registry settings

  1. go to HKLM/software/imagineer systems ltd
  2. Delete entry mocha 1
  3. Re-run the software this will recreate the registry correctly.

Note: This is a known issue in our software; one that we are working hard on to correct; I will update you once a fix has been implemented and tested.
—End Quote—

Dear Ijazn, i got the same problem, as well i have part of the program out of the screen. I have the screen resolution 1152*864. (XP sp2) (nvidia graphic card)
The procedure indicated doesn’t work, all i got after was a message saying i have not a licence. I have had to uninstall then reinstall, and as before i don’t see anymore the parameters panel.

The reset to default, the reset layouts does anything.
I got at the end a workaround:
view- clear all
view - beginning from parameters (only! if beginning from the other the layout remains uncompensed!) check all again.

An important note: the parameters panel isn’t at all customizable, it is always long as it was on a 1280 screen.

Hope this can help.
Thank you