Low Rez black and white film

Having to do many old black and white films from the 1900 to 1930, to be repurposed seems MochaPro is not equipt to handle the job. Have yet to get it to work any of the clips. Never mains a track. Tried every trick from all of the BorisFX tutorials with no success. Will there ever be an update to work on this type of film or is it just me after too many hours of frustration or doing something very wrong?

I would really have to see your footage and project to see why that is. I have tracked plenty of low rez, grainy, black and white archival footage.

Have you tried turning off GPU tracking and using CPU only? It might be mixing up similar details OR you need to increase your search range if the footage is extremely shaky.

put logo on truck

I had to turn off GPU tracking, this footage is too low rez to use GPU tracking, and too wobbly. I think the issue is, since this footage is so old, it acts like it has been “sped up” even though no time effects have been placed on it. It just doesn’t move the way we expect footage to move. And because of that, we need to switch to CPU tracking which has less margin for error but takes more time.

I also had to crop out the black bars to get a good track.

This is not an “easy” shot, it’s something you will have to troubleshoot. It’s super, super low rez, which means many of the pixels look similar and Mocha likes more detail than is available here. You’ll have to massage any low rez shot you track like this. For the beginning of this track, I had to switch to translation only to track offscreen and not have perspective skew too much on me.

You may also have to use adjust track on some shots.

BlackandWhiteTruckTrack.mocha (548.4 KB)