Is there an option to load a look up table or change the contrast of the footage in the viewer?

I am retouching very subtle sensor dust that is barely visible in the ungraded picture. To change the brightness of the clip is not helping a lot.

In the viewer icons, you can change screen brightness.

If using Mocha Pro standalone, you could go to Ip tab and change color space to Log and play with settings. (This will effect render if using Remove or Stabilize modules).

If using Mocha Plugin, you could add a color correction effect in host before applying Mocha.

Thanks for your answer. I am using the Mocha Pro Plugin for AE and the Remove module.

As I wrote, changing the brightness does not help a lot to spot the dust spots in ungraded footage.

The color correction applied in AE is ignored by Mocha unless I put it into a subcomp. But I don’t want to render the color corretcion as the footage goes into Resolve afterwards.

I would apply the CC and precomp, do your Mocha work and then save, exit, remove CC before rendering.

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Yeah, should work that way. Thank you!