LUT View option


Is there an option in Mocha Pro to set the view to a LUT for my V-LOG clip like in the Silhouette?


Hi there, to clarify, are you talking about OCIO color management? Boris FX | Mocha® 2021 User Guide

Or do you mean how do you change the color settings on the clip? That’s only available in the clip tab in the Mocha Pro Standalone, but not the plug-in.

Hi Mary,

In Silhouette, it has this simple dropdown just to pick a V-LOG LUT so that the clips looks “proper” and not just bland LOG footage.

In Mocha Pro AE/Avid is there a way to add the same type of “proper” coloring / colorspace conversion?


So I think the answer is kindof yes but not expressed the same way, we have color profiles in the OCIO drop-down but it’s not in the interface top toolbar, there’s a color profile panel you can use in the layout. And you can pick the profile that best suits your project.

Ah ok, I was trying to access it via the dropdown button, per the manual but the button is not doing anything.

Can I see the full screen?

LOL I just noticed the menu was actually popping up on near the left side of the screen, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was looking for V-LOG in the drop down, but I see one called ViperLog. Is this what V-LOG stands for, or should I be using another from the the dropdown?
Thanks again!

If you scroll down in the dropdown you should see more options for Log profiles.

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Ok thank you Mary!

Just wanted to follow up on this. It seems like ‘Cineon’ from the Working Colospace gives a “good” color version for using Panasonic V-Log footage. Would Mocha be able to add an actual V-Log to the drop down in the future?


Let me let @martinb know this is a feature request. We can put it on our list, but can make no guarantees about timelines or if we can put it in. Let’s see what Martin thinks.

Ok sounds good Mary, thanks!!