M5.6.0 : Preview and Render Times Back in Vegas Pro 15 - help?

Having successfully used the REMOVE Utility, which is total VooDoo, and got back into VegasPro15, both the Preview AND then the Render times, albeit to the same Format as the Project AND the Event’s Media Format are the same, the render/preview times are far less than stellar to the point I wouldn’t want to use it.

As I said, the REMOVE process within M5 are totally within expectations, but back in VP it’s another story.

So my questions are:

1] What format are the internal REMOVE files stored in/as?

2] How can I improve on settings to optimize back in VP15 what is needed to get render times and Preview?

I fear that whatever and how the REMOVE utility is SERVING up these FRAMES back in VegasPro15 isn’t helpful nor adequate for the User Experience.

My advise? Work closer with MAGIX and Gary and the Vegas Engineers to come up with a more adequate engine. This is not good.

Here are some typical back in VegasPro numbers:

Event Length++++++++Render TImes
7sec: 17 frames . . . . . . 13 minutes 31secs
2sec:1 frame . . . . . . . . .3mins and 17 secs

As I say, the REMOVE utility is totally storming it! :star_struck:

Thanks for the test output. It does seem the vegas output side of the OFX cache is slower than what we cache internally.

Now, you can speed this up significantly by using clean plates, as the amount of frames to reference is much smaller. My advice:

  1. Render a remove frame on frame 1
  2. Click “Create” in the lower left and save the rendered clean plate
  3. Render a remove at the end frame
  4. Click “Create” and save another rendered clean plate
  5. Repeat for the middle of the shot or as many times as necessary
  6. Click “Use clean plates exclusively” in the bottom left of the remove module

Now do a test render in mocha to see if everything still looks fine, then close and save. The host render should improve.

Thanks Martin. I understand what you’ve suggested, but… The scene has the camera capturing from inside a moving Truck moving forward over a dessert road and smoothly Tilting up and down and Panning from left to right. This has meant for a humongous amount of either auto generated MOCHA Remove Frames but also a stack of my own Manual adjustments. My questions are this if I do a Start, Middle and End Cleanplate, that’s only three FRAMES, will MOCHA deliver ALL the instructions to achieve continuity and flow back in VegasPro15? Does MOCHA successfully do the Interpolation of the missing Frames? Is this possible? If so then I have a real problem managing my own incredulity (?).

Please advise,


Well yes, your mileage may vary and you may have to generate more frames than this.

If you’re comfortable sharing the original shot to my email, i’m happy to suggest the extent.

Well thank you kind Sir!

Yes I will. Do I eml you as a Forum Message?

Martin I haven’t started your Steps because I wanted to show you just how many KFs I already have:

What should I do? The Clean Plate option for this amount of activity is a Lost World for me.

Please advise,


Martin - Yikes!

I believe I followed your instructions below, but . . . .

I am more confused and lacking in outcome than before I took on the Clean Plate and your:

You’ve either got great belief in my abilities or trust that I should understand your shorthand, or perhaps both.

Martin I do not understand. I’m drowning.

Sorry, I was away for a bit. :slight_smile:

Please email me here with the project and I can assist: martinb[at]borisfx.com

What should I include in the Eml? The saved M5 Project? Saved from inside the Vegas Project? The Vegas Project? An MP4 of the Media?



Or… I’ve done. SKYPE session with Mary before now? That was quick and easy for both of us.