Macth Move or Mocha Pro Tracking 3D on Vega Pro 17

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I have Probleme in order to create Match Move or Mocha Pro Tracking.
On Vega Pro 17 i have a good viewer so i render this scene i have different result between viewer and render.

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I am going to tag @vincentm_e8c60 to help you, he is our resident Vegas pro. But off the top of my head, from a first viewing, the track just looks like it might not be very solid.

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Hi @maryp

I change track in order to adapt grid pixel or area but it deforms the capture.
So i try it with DavinCi Resolve it does’nt work.
So i try with HitmFilm Express it work one time with get out scene (surgical pixel).

I try to track 2 cars but the tracker lost car :
Out scene (So i understand it must a pixel in order to track, same with vanishing car with smoke)
Deformed car with perspective.
Vega Pro render a shift with tracker.

Can i a track raised hand ?

Thank’s so much.

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Hello. I’m curious if your host resolution is set to full. If there’s a discrepancy between what the host is displaying and what Mocha is seeing then that could account for the shift. Would you be able to send me a copy of the project? I’d be happy to take a look at it and see if I can spot an issue.


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Hi vincentm_e8c60,

I share project and match moves.
The link dir with projet and mocha :

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Thanks! I’ll download this and take a look :slight_smile:

Hi @vincentm_e8c60

Could you check the problem about tracking on Vega Pro because the render is different from preview ?

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Hello, so the main issue that I see in your project is that the setup is wrong for the match move. My recommendation would be to do this in multiple passes. Match the Ombre in one pass, render it out, and then track and match the second text in a new timeline. This will make things a bit easier and prevent any issues with teh way vegas handles composites.

The second issue is that to pull an effective track, you really need to have your video clip on Track 1, and your Title Studio layer on Track 2. Match Move should be applied to the video track itself, with the foreground layer set to Source B. This will pull the Title Studio track as the foreground layer, and set the video clip as the background. With this setup, mocha will pull tracking data directly from the video clip, and should provide a better track that what you’ve been seeing.

I’d also remove the dissolves from the clip you are tracking, as that can cause an issue for mocha. You can apply them to the rendered clip.

If your text layer is offcenter from where you want it, you can manually adjust it’s position relative to the tracking data in the transform sub group.

Please let me know if this helps generate a better result for you. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me directly at

All the best

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