Magnetic Spline Tool

It used to work just fine creating points and weights according to the bends of the magnetic spline and now it just creates angled corners. Did I press some button somewhere or something? How to fix it?

What version are you on so we can see if we can repeat this? It may be a bug we need to talk about with @martinb

2021 build 803
I think it’s 803. It started happening after I updated from 802

Ok. In standalone or plugin? If plugin, for which host? We can see if it’s in all branches or just one.


I’ll need you to provide some specific reproduction steps, as currently, the magnetic tool appears to be behaving as expected.
If you have a frame of the clip you’re working on where you see the problem, that will also help.

Upon zooning closely on points I can see that points do have weights but they don’t follow the magnetic spline as closely as they should or used to be. At least in my perception. Dunno it’s just a feeling. Maybe it’s just me. I’m gonna test and work some more and see if it’s just me or something else