Main Spline attached to mutiple tracks, Export?

I shot a large plot of land that zooms over the top. The spline kept going out of camera range so I made multiple tracks and attached them to one main spline please see picture. I can’t seem to export all of the tracking data attached to that main spline. How do I do this?

Thank you!

Always have trouble linking pictures…

Pict 01

Track from the end of the shot to the beginning, that should help a lot. Can you try that and let me know?


Can you send us the shot?

You presently can’t concatenate individual tracks in mocha. You may be able to do this in After Effects however, by parenting the nulls together.

Is your final output to AE?

I posted previously posted this but it did not show up…


Here a link to the file.
There’s probably a way to do this and I just can’t figure it out. I’ve spent three days on it. I really appreciate your collective help. I’ll need to do this quite a bit in the future.
I could not find any tutorials with this type of problem. By the way Mary your the best at doing tutorials…very concise and to the point.

Martin, yes I am pasting the data shape layer onto the clip in AE CS6 then applying a 3d stroke and animating the path.

Thank you again!


I am so glad you enjoy my tutorials! Looking at this shot, your best bet is still tracking from the end to the beginning and if you need to add “multiple tracks” simply duplicate your master track and move the surface tool to the location you need your track to be for multiple objects. Otherwise, you can simply do one long ground track from the end to the beginning.

You can also “unlink” the track by selecting “none” in “link to track” in the layers panel. That will help you not have to draw new shapes.