Major News: mocha-AE to be launched


Imagineer Systems is proud to launch its new product: mocha-AE. We are very excited about our powerful tracking solution catering exclusively for the After Effects community.

What is it?

mocha-AE is custom designed and priced for the After Effects community, this stand alone 2D tracking tool packed with features that make the effects compositors life easier. Now compositors can avoid the guess work and inaccuracies that result from hand tracking challenging shots, speeding up the process of generating solid 4-point tracks, giving position, scale, rotation, shear and perspective matched tracks and exporting the data to Adobe After Effects. Version 5,6,7 and CS3.

When is it available?

The due date for release is Wednesday 17th October 2007

How much does it cost?

Price: $299 for a standard nodelock
Various other options for floating and multi-pack licenses are available.

Where can I purchase it from?

Our online purchasing store will allow you to purchase your copy from the Wednesday the 17th of October 2007
Go to our webshop now. (Boris FX | Boris FX Store)