Make S_Caustics Loop

Hi there, is it possible to loop the S_Caustics effect seamlessly over 5 seconds for example in After Effects? I asked support who seems to think its possible by animating some setting. Any idea what that setting might be?


I think that would depend on the host not S_Caustics,

Host? In After Effects I mean

There isn’t a built-in way to do this, but there are many ways to cross dissolve layers to make a seamless transition. This tutorial shows how I generally do this with smoke/fire layers:

Thanks Harry, that was my first thought but it doesnt quite work as well as I was hoping, all good I’ll try and find another solution

Hi, S_caustics is already a looping fx, if your composition is 5secs or more you can just drag whatever object you applied caustics to to the length you want,
Can you explain your problem or desires a bit more?

They are looking for a seamless loop, like how Trapcode Form has with a defined looped period in seconds. To achieve this, the fractal texture driving the displacement has to be looped internally within the plugin. This feature isn’t in S_Caustics, but it would be a great feature to add!