Make UltraGlow Faster?

I’m a huge UltraGlow user and abuser. Clients love the diffuse highlight effect.

But it’s so slow. Is it GPU accelerated? Can it be?

On a 2019 Mac Pro (12-core, 32 GB Vega Pro II), in DaVinci Resolve, if I throw it on 5K RED footage, I get about 8 fps playback. When combined with BCC+ Ambient Light (another effect I love) I’m down to 4fps, which is not workable in a real time color session with client in the room.

The problem with Glow, at least, is you typically want to put it on last, as you don’t want those highlights contaminated with other color correction, so you can’t really cache it.

Maybe these speeds are acceptable to AE artists who don’t expect real time, but to be able to use Glow in a color session, UltraGlow needs serious retooling to work on the GPU and about a million times faster than it does now, otherwise it will have to go into cold storage.

I would highly suggest working with proxies. at the very least, transcode your footage to 4k for vis dev. if the clients are expecting final renders then make it the final render… which will take a long time anyway. to also do a precomp of all the other effects and throw it on last. with time intensive tools you have to work smart and fast. kick out a handful of single frames to show them for 8k rez.

Happy to hear you are digging UltraGlow! I also recommend proxy workflow. As a third party plugin for Resolve, there’s always going to be limitations on what resources we can use to get to RT playback. We are constantly working on trying to improve performance with optimization, but new host features like proxies in Resolve 17 are really the way to go if anything but RT playback is a blocker.