Making Backgrounds in Title Studio


Is there a specific way to apply Title Studio materials to a Plane to act as a floor/background which fills the project window?

The problem I’m having is that since my project and background is UHD (3816x2160) all of the materials that use a jpg image just look pixelated when scaled to that size. The only way I can seem to get around this is to apply an IP-Blur which can mask the pixelation if I have the blur strength turned way up, but if I want to use a material without completely blurring it, the unwanted pixelation is noticeable.

Is there any tiling/repeating effect that I can add to the material on the plane within Title Studio?

Thanks for any help.

Well the images that are in the materials shader group are kind of small and on a 4k UHD plane they will display some artifacts from the resampling that occurs during he upscale. Have you tried resizing the texture in Photoshop and then using the resized texture instead of the original texture image to see if that helps?